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A Stressed Meme Everyone Can Relate To

Here at Joycheiver, we take stress and the negative effects it has on people’s lives very seriously.

But we also know that some lighthearted humor can be the best way to feel a little less stressed. So instead of making this blog full of advice or actionables, we are giving you some of the best medicine: Laughter, and the feeling that someone else out there knows what you’re going through. These two things epitomized the positive attributes of the 21st century birth and rise of “meme culture.”

Studies show that employees are generally the most stressed they’ve ever been right now. So let’s take a journey down meme lane and poke some fun at workplace stress instead.

Overwhelmed at Work Meme Satire

Now this isn’t technically a meme, but it nails the same point that many a stressed meme seeks to: Work can sometimes feel like its entire point is to bring you down. If you’re feeling like your workplace is causing you more stress than joy on a regular basis, maybe it’s time to reevaluate.

Funny Memes About Work

Sometimes work just isn’t all fun, and you find yourself dragging your feet on quotidian tasks and responsibilities. That’s when it can be helpful to poke a little fun at it, or joke about the not-so-fun parts. Dreading one meeting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re due for a career change!

Oh man, everyone’s been here at one point or another. Sending the perfectly-crafted email, only to realize too late that you completely forgot to attach the thing that is the whole reason you’ve sent the email in the first place.

The Stress Meme That Everyone can Relate to (at Some Point in Time)

Closely following the email fail comes a moment that you can consider yourself lucky if you haven’t experienced. This shared moment transcends industries and seniority level:

Meetings and questions are important, sure, but Friday after work is sacred.

Stressed, Overwhelmed Meme

A good, hard week of work can really feel like a week-long ultra-marathon. But if you feel a little too dead inside after five days of working, you could be suffering from burn out.

Read more about what burnout is and what you can do about it here.

Relating To a Stressed Meme a Little Too Much?

Like we said, there’s nothing like some high-quality memes to lighten up the more difficult parts of work. But if some of these hit a little too close to home for you, consider downloading our 39 Life Hacks to Combat Burnout eLearning program.


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