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Your Cheat Sheet for Engagement

Overtime, employee engagement has become the metric to replace measuring employee happiness. Simply defined, engagement is the emotional commitment an employee has for the company and its goals. It is a demonstration they truly care about their work and the company, often measured by “discretionary effort.”
If you are wondering if your team members are engaged, look for:
  • Immersion: Does the team member get absorbed into the work?
  • Challenge & Commitment: Does the team member welcome stretch goals and pursue them enthusiastically?
  • Connection to Greater Purpose: Is the team member interested in contributing to the organization’s mission and purpose?
  • Energy: Is the team member energetic with their work and others on the team?
Additionally, if engaged, an employee will answer “Yes” to these questions:
  • Do I know what is expected of me at work?
  • Do I have the tools that I need for job success?
  • Are my “most joyous” skills a good fit for my role?
  • Are my colleagues collaborative and committed to doing high quality, engaging work?
  • Does my manager care about me and my needs?
  • Do I have confidence in company leadership?
  • Do I feel like I connected to this company and team?
  • In the last seven days, has someone appreciated or expressed value for my work?
Select a question or two to ask during your weekly check-in with each of your team members. 

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