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Workshop Topics

These practical courses provide numerous tactics and best practices so participants can quelch burnout on a daily basis.

Banish Burnout: Leadership Best Practices to Bolster Engagement and Retention

5-Hour Workshop

Businesses are facing a talent crisis, and leaders grapple with how to create an environment where employees are motivated to work, stay and prosper. Effective people management is the key. The best practices taught in this 5-hour workshop will not only teach leaders how to mitigate burnout, but also cultivate engagement, increase productivity and improve retention.

Managers will learn how to create a workplace that appropriately manages workload and deadlines, enable a feeling of flexibility and control over work, and foster a sense of meaning and connection to something greater than the employee. They will ascertain techniques to alleviate always-on pressure, help employees lean into their “most joyous” strengths, and enable team members to bring their authentic selves to work. Learn more>>>

39 Life Hacks to Combat Burnout

90-Minute Workshop

Work is busy. You are feeling some of the effects of burnout and seek relief. You want to thrive, rather than simply survive. You’ve searched for help for how to alleviate or prevent the feeling of exhaustion and stress, but the amount of resources—articles, newsletters, books, podcasts—are so numerous, it’s overwhelming. The amount of time to read through it all to figure out what would work for you only adds to the pressure. It would be helpful if there was one resource that would share the most effective tips and how to consistently incorporate them into your day-to-day routine. Learn more >>

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