Engage Tracy

Engage Tracy

Tracy LaLonde is an overachiever, author, and professional speaker. After 20 years in the legal industry—a field with extreme rates of burnout—she witnessed her successful peers deal with high levels of anxiety, worry, and stress. At the peak of her career, Tracy stepped away from her business to embark on her own Joy Journey. Tracy founded Joychiever
to help other overachievers define their unique joy journey and apply their ambition to achieve a balanced, happy life.

Current Speaking Topics Include

Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever
30-min. conversation

As a high achiever, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You feel accomplished and are on a path for continued success. Yet, something is missing.

The chase often feels stressful and relentless, and you find yourself wishing for more happy, relaxed and peaceful moments. But, it’s hard to imagine that achieving and joy can happen simultaneously, right?

Doesn’t joy come after you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do? The answer is “No!”

Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever is a frank conversation that provides insights for how to have both. Learn more >>

An Overachiever’s Guide to Out-Happy Everyone
60-min. keynote

Does this sound like you? You work hard to accomplish your goals, continuously push to the next level, and take pride in the sweat. Once you reach an achievement, you immediately set your sights on the next rung on the ladder and start working towards it. However, you spend little time enjoying the fruits of your labor and often have to sacrifice aspects of your personal life in the pursuit of success. You figure there will be time for joy once you’ve accomplished your goals. Right?

Consider this…what if you could have both? Joy is the accumulation of daily, intentional choices, and The Joychiever Journey provides a roadmap for self-exploration into what makes YOU uniquely joyful. Learn more >>

The Joychiever Journey: A Life-Changing Roadmap for Joy
2-hour workshop

You’ve done everything right—attended a good school, landed great jobs, earned promotions, and maybe even became the boss. Your hard work has paid off. And you’re happy…right?

Finding the balance between the nonstop parade of accomplishments and a joy-filled life can feel like a finish line you may never cross. During An Overachiever’s Guide to Out-Happy Everyone, you will discover a comprehensive roadmap to living a joyful life that is expressly yours. Learn more >>

 The Leader’s Guide for the Joychiever Journey
4-hour workshop

Businesses are on the precipice of change. Experts say that leaders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to leverage the pandemic disruption to evolve to a more human-centric business model—to look at employees as people, not just workers. The Joychiever Journey provides a roadmap to begin this transformation. When employees have holistic self-clarity, they can bring their best selves to work.

This session provides valuable strategies, tips and best practices to help leaders to 1) Discover their own True Selves first, 2) Navigate well-being, engagement and burnout pitfalls, and 3) Proactively cultivate joy while simultaneously propelling business performance. Learn more>>>

Tracy LaLonde covers topics for professionals to help them gain proven techniques and tools to take their skills and results to the next level with a newfound sense of confidence, comfort and balance.

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