Stepping Towards


Let Me Ask You…

How often do you hope there is more to life than non-stop activity filled with stress, anxiety and worry?

Have you ever stopped to think about what you truly want out of your life—all aspects of your life, not just professional accomplishments?

Are you struggling with burnout?

Achieve and have joy.

Finding Joy Within

Studies show that happy people are healthier, have more satisfying relationships, are more productive and effective at work, have higher pay and experience more resilience.  Yet, for many driven, accomplished, successful people, joy is often secondary. 

The Joychiever Journey shows you that it is possible to achieve and have joy simultaneously.

Make the Choice for Joy

Joy needs to be a proactive pursuit, just like all of your other accomplishments.  Theoretically, you know that you only have one life, but many people don’t intentionally live that life to capture as much joy as possible.  You allow yourself to get stuck in a life driven by achievement and believe that you must have success before you can have happiness.

As an overachiever, you often fall prey to the “Once I…” syndrome.  Once I work hard enough to get the right job, climb the ladder, raise my family, make enough money, THEN I can relax and have fun.  It’s okay to feel exhausted, stressed and even anxious or depressed because hard work isn’t expected to be fun.

We don’t want you to wait to be happy.  We want you to experience happiness all along the way.  It IS possible!

The Joychiever Journey

We believe one of the reasons that overachievers don’t experience more joy is because they don’t have a deep or broad enough understanding of themselves. 

The Joychiever Journey provides the roadmap to gain comprehensive clarity about yourself so that you can make more informed decisions to proactively include joy in your pursuits. 

And, you don’t have to stop overachieving!  

We want overachievers to become Joychievers—to apply the same level of overachieving energy, effort and skills to seeking joy.  You have it within you right now to transform from an overachieve to a Joychiever. 


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