Leading in a law firm is different.

Between managing clients, formulating winning legal strategy and doing their own work, partners often have little time left to actually manage their people.

Imagine this scenario for partners:


  • They work with people whom they can rely on—who are as committed as they are to do the job well.

  • They have time to focus on their highest and best skills, rather than having to continuously wade in the minutiae.

  • Their teams consistently deliver results that make clients happy—and hire the firm repeatedly.

  • Work stress feels manageable, and they find it easier to sleep at night.

  • Associates love to work for these partners—finding their days appropriately challenging and invigorating.

Good leaders build products.
Great leaders build cultures.

Good leaders deliver results.
Great leaders develop people.

Good leaders have vision.
Great leaders have values.

Good leaders are role models at work.
Great leaders are role models in life.

Adam Grant

The good news?

All of this is possible.

Bad news? It does require some effort. Partners may have to unlearn some outdated management skills that are no longer effective and relearn leading-edge, best practices that work for today’s associates. Leveraging Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement, the Leading with Impact eLearning program offers a framework of 12 techniques that increase engagement while decreasing burnout. This program goes beyond foundational managements skills, such as delegation and feedback, and focuses on next-level approaches to create a culture that increases retention.

A Framework to Increase Engagement While Decreasing Burnout







12. Proactively highlight and connect purpose

11. Foster connection to bolster belongings

10. Appreciate and recognize diligently

9. Enable true senses to shine

8. Build trust, enable autonomy & allow flexibility

7. Overcome boredom with novelty and meaning

6. Lean into “most joyous” strengths

5. Leverage rest & play for better results

4. Keep stress in check

3. Alleviate always-on pressure

2. Reasonably manage workload and deadlines

1. Prioritize contribution over input

Recommended Program Structure

While the eLearning program can be available to partners to take on their own timetable, we recommend a more structured approach.

Partners are going to want to talk about these best practices. Some of them challenge the status quo so partners will need an opportunity to dig in and debate some of these ideas before they will adopt them. Other concepts will be new so having a forum for discussion will help them to assimilate these ideas more quickly.

We recommend a 5-meeting experience where partners watch eLearning modules (approximately 30 minutes) and then attend a 60-minute cohort meeting with other partners.

Meeting #1


A glimpse into the engagement problem

Well-being, burnout and engagement

The Hierarchy of Engagement

Meeting #2

Emphasize time over value

Allow workload and deadlines to lead to exhaustion

Enable always-on pressure

Meeting #3

Capitulate to the strain of stress

Downplay the criticality of rest and play

Depreciate the importance of most joyous strengths

Meeting #4

Allow routine to lead to boreout

Focus on flexibility rather than autonomy

Overlook the advantages of encouraging authenticity

Meeting #5

Fail to appreciate and recognize often enough

Neglect to cultivate connection

Undervalue the power of purpose

Program Features

In addition to the access to the eLearning modules, you will receive:

17 practical video lessons

88 tips and best practices to manage more effectively

A meeting facilitation guide so the appropriate firm resource can engage the partners in discussion

Overall program launch communication emails

Five pre-meeting email teasers that highlights what’s to come and why to participate

A survey to assess skill levels before and after participating in the program

I want to help the partners in my business develop successful team members.


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