How to Combat Burnout



Presentation Topics

Here are three engaging and dynamic presentations that will help participants gain proven techniques, tools and exercises to combat burnout.

5 Root Causes of Burnout and Resignation

1-hour presentation

With the “Great Resignation” looming large, the question for businesses is “How can we create an environment where talent is motivated to work, stay and prosper?” So many companies have focused on increasing wellness, but few have addressed the systemic leadership issues that lead to increased burnout and elevated attrition. This session focuses on 5 root causes of resignation and how to create an ideal environment for greater productivity and engagement.

An Overachiever’s Guide to Out-Happy Everyone

1-hour presentation

Does this sound like you? You work hard to accomplish your goals, continuously push to the next level, and take pride in the sweat. Once you reach an achievement, you immediately set your sights on the next rung on the ladder and start working towards it. However, you spend little time enjoying the fruits of your labor and often have to sacrifice aspects of your personal life in the pursuit of success. You figure there will be time for joy once you’ve accomplished your goals. Right?

Consider this…what if you could have both? Joy is the accumulation of daily, intentional choices, and The Joychiever Journey provides a roadmap for self-exploration into what makes YOU uniquely joyful. Learn more >>

Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever

30-minute conversation

As a high achiever, you’ve worked hard to get where you are. You feel accomplished and are on a path for continued success. Yet, something is missing.

The chase often feels stressful and relentless, and you find yourself wishing for more happy, relaxed and peaceful moments. But, it’s hard to imagine that achieving and joy can happen simultaneously, right?

Doesn’t joy come after you’ve accomplished what you’ve set out to do? The answer is “No!”

Eye-Opening Revelations of a Joychiever is a frank conversation that provides insights for how to have both. Learn more >>

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