The Journey

The True Self Stops

Like any journey or trek, you make stops along the way to fuel up, eat and refresh.  The True Self Stops along the Joychiever Journey, are “stops” where you will spend time to think, explore and reflect in order comprehensively discover your True Self.  Deeply understanding your True Self will enable you to make more intentional choices for joy.

Perceptions Vista

Rewire your brain for positivity
Make your stop...

How you take in, or perceive, the world has an enormous impact on happiness. Do you see the glass as half-empty or half-full? Do you look for the positive or the negative first? Do you know that it is possible to rewire your brain towards the positive?

Values Village

Let values be your guide
Make your stop...

Values are the beliefs that drive every decision you make, and many of you will have never taken the time to clearly define your top priority values. Without this, you are living your life rudderless.

Strengths Mountain

Lean into your strengths
Make your stop...

In our work lives, many overachievers have gained clarity about their strengths. However, deeper levels of clarity are possible, and the context in which you use those strengths matters—a lot.

Leisure Cove

Play enriches your life
Make your stop...

It’s important to have something to care about that is authentic to you outside of work and separate from family. You need other areas to invest your energy in that bring you joy. It could look like a passion, a hobby, or altruism. 

Body Beach

Without health, joy is elusive
Make your stop...

Without a healthy, functioning body, there is no life, no journey. While there are multiple industries that focus on the body and health, we focus on three key aspects that are critical for finding joy: stress, exercise, and sleep. 

Relationships Harbor

Cultivate joyful friendships
Make your stop...

Studies show that relationships and socialization are critical components to aging well. You may put a lot of effort into finding a compatible love partner, but do you also exert that kind of energy for other relationships in your life? As part of your journey, it’s important focus on friendships that are joy-inducing as compared to joy-robbing.

ME Moments Market

Treasure time for you
Make your stop...

Even when the previous six areas are clear and aligned, you still may not be taking enough time for yourself. You pour yourself into everyone else—either because you have to or because you want to. But taking time for YOU is a critical piece of the Joychiever Journey. In fact, it’s mandatory.              



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