Are engagement, productivity and retention a challenge?


Are you ready for a
more effective approach?

Outsource your strategy to combat burnout and improve engagement.

Burnout isn’t solved through one workshop. Stress isn’t cured with the availability of an app. Engagement doesn’t improve by simply working from home more often.

Burnout and engagement are complex and omnipresent.


All professionals have their own unique relationships with burnout and engagement. Businesses can best help by enabling team members to manage their work lives more effectively so they can live their whole lives more fully.

Complex, mission-critical concerns require a multi-faceted, comprehensive strategy.


Joychiever helps you to create a forum for awareness, learning and discussion to enable team members and leaders to tackle burnout collaboratively. It keeps conversations alive so professionals can reflect, adjust and grow to reach goals, enjoy work and have success while simultaneously minimizing burnout.

The Joychiever Program

e-Learning, Tools, and Conversations

3 eLearning Programs

Customized launch plan

Emails to facilitate and drive internal engagement

Topical videos to increase eLearning participation

Quarterly burnout prevention tools

Monthly habit formation reminders

Access to curated research and articles on burnout and engagement

Cohort facilitation guides

Live, virtual sessions with Tracy LaLonde

Annual Plans

Access to all eLearning programs
Customized roll-out strategy and support with co-branded materials and announcement messages
Monthly topical emails to facilitate and drive internal engagement
Twice monthly, 1-2-minute topical videos, selected by you, to increase eLearning participation
Quarterly burnout prevention tools
Monthly habit formation reminders
Access to curated research and articles about burnout, productivity and retention from sources such as Gartner, Gallup and HBR
A cohort facilitation guide for one program
Two (2) 60-minute, live, virtual sessions with Tracy LaLonde (topics TBD)

*SPF = Stress Prevention Factor

Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Joychiever Program a wellness or mental health program?
In most ways no. In some ways yes. At its core, The Joychiever Program is training, powered by 3 eLearning courses. However, the skills that are learned through the program can help to prevent, mitigate or alleviate stress and burnout.

What skills do participants learn?
The 39 Life Hacks to Combat Burnout teaches productivity and efficiency. Banish Burnout teaches people management skills. Alleviate Burnout and Design Your Life for More Joy provides a model for self-awareness development and personal exploration.

Besides the eLearning, what is the purpose of the other elements of The Joychiever Program?

  • Create a tailored roll-out messaging plan to increase the likelihood of participation.

  • Entice team members to take eLearning programs.

  • Help participants to remember the skills taught and how to make them into new habits.

  • Keep the topics relevant and top of mind for participants.

  • Develop culture where it is okay to talk about work satisfaction and challenges.

What results can the business hope to see?
Through pre- and post-participation quizzing, you will see how well participants are using the skills that are taught. Depending on what other measurements (engagement surveys, 360 reviews, HR metrics, etc.) the firm uses, you can examine if there is improvement in these metrics. The program aims to decrease burnout, increase engagement and help productivity and retention.

How much does The Program cost?
The fee arrangements includes an annual subscription fee, based on selected SPF level, and a “per unique user” fee. The subscription fee is set by level, and clients have flexibility to select how many users they would like to commit to for one year. The client can add additional users throughout the year.


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