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Managers have the complex challenge of leading and encouraging employees, meeting business objectives, and simultaneously navigating their own engagement and burnout levels. Leaders are on the front line for creating a new work experience—one that focuses on achievement and joy. The Joychiever Journey provides a guide to create a win-win-win for employee, manager and the business.

The Leader’s Guide for the Joychiever Journey

4-Hour Workshop

Businesses are on the precipice of change. Experts say that leaders have a once in a lifetime opportunity to leverage the pandemic disruption to evolve to a more human-centric business model—to look at employees as people, not just workers. The Joychiever Journey provides a roadmap to begin this transformation. When employees have holistic self-clarity, they can bring their best selves to work.

This session provides valuable strategies, tips and best practices to help leaders to 1) Discover their own True Selves first, 2) Navigate well-being, engagement and burnout pitfalls, and 3) Proactively cultivate joy while simultaneously propelling business performance. Learn more>>>

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The Joychiever Journey

The Book by Tracy LaLonde

You’ve done everything right—attended a good school, landed a great job, bought things to fill your life, earned promotions, and maybe even became the boss. You’ve achieved success. All of that hard work has paid off. And you’re happy…aren’t you?

Sometimes the hardest goal to achieve is a rich, happy life.

Finding the balance between the nonstop parade of accomplishments and a joy-filled life can feel like a finish line you may never cross.

Like you, founder and speaker Tracy LaLonde was a stressed overachiever—until she took those skills and unapologetically aimed for happiness. In The Joychiever Journey, Tracy shares her comprehensive roadmap to uncovering your True Self and living a joyful life that is expressly yours. Purchase The Joychiever Journey >>

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Tracy speaks with Fox 4’s Shannon Murray about finding a good work life balance.


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