Your Firm Excels When Your People Are Engaged

Joychiever’s solutions deepen commitment, enhance productivity, and alleviate burnout.

Let’s be candid.

Engagement is a fancy word for a broad range of performance concerns.

Doing the minimum work required, but not anything extra.

Feeling ragged and exhausted from heavy workloads.

Complaints about a lack of opportunity to grow.

Overburdened from the 24/7 nature of serving clients.

A desire for more control over one's work, life, and schedule.

A lack of appreciation and recognition that leads to negativity.

Feelings of isolation and loneliness.

An inability to answer, "How is my work making a difference?"

Lack of a pay increase despite a positive review.

You work hard to recruit and develop your top talent.

How do you keep them engaged?

The challenge with engagement is that it means different things to different people. It’s complex and multi-faceted, and it can be difficult to find a model that is inclusive of all the issues.

Until now.

Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement

Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement provides a comprehensive structure of what engagement entails and helps you pinpoint your most pressing issues. This model is the foundation for Joychiever’s approach and is specifically designed for client-serving firms—law, accounting and consulting.

Why does engagement matter?

A focus on engagement produces compelling outcomes.


Higher profitability than less engaged businesses.


Higher productivity than merely "satisfied" workers.


Reduction in attrition.


Improvement in quality.

Empower your firm to actuate engagement.

Let Joychiever help you create a thriving workplace where your team members feel invested, committed, and ready to achieve greatness.

Our offerings are:

Backed by Science

Our research-supported materials actually get your firm the results you’ve been looking for.

Relevant & Relatable

Our content is informed by years of experience in law firms and professional services.

Practical & Easy-to-Implement

We provide actionable insights participants can implement immediately.

"...manageable, concrete actions I can take to prioritize things in my life differently."

"Practical advice backed by research, Joychiever helps sort through challenges..."

"[Joychiever] caused me to pause and reflect not only on my profession but on personal aspects in my life."

"...a rare combination of inspiration and practicality..."

"The practical and actionable advice isn't like others [who] get bogged down in lots of detail or stay too high-level."


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