Origin Story

Tracy LaLonde

As a passionate and joy-seeking professional, nothing makes Tracy LaLonde happier than being able to help business leaders and employees overcome the harsh realities of burnout so they can thrive in every aspect of their personal and professional lives.

At the peak of overachieving while on the path to burnout, Tracy claimed high-flying status on three airlines simultaneously and traveled 40 weeks per year, often visiting three cities within one week. She stayed at hotels for over one-third of the year and never put down her phone. Exhausted and conflicted, Tracy left her company to go on a self-declared “joy journey.” She tattooed “Joy” on her wrist as a compass and took eight months off to travel, recover, and reclaim her happiness.

Tracy’s “joy journey” sparked her desire to help others avoid the same disengaged, burnout path. Believing that most of us don’t have a deep or refined enough understanding of self to experience sustainable joy, Tracy wrote The Joychiever Journey: Evade Burnout, Surpass Your Goals and Out-Happy Everyone to provide a comprehensive roadmap for discovery. With this bedrock of self-knowledge, even the busiest of individuals can make daily, intentional choices for joy.

As we emerge from the pandemic, wellness and self-care efforts have only provided short-term relief, and burnout rates continue to climb. The need for holistic self-clarity has never been greater as leaders and employees work collaboratively to create the “next normal” for work. With three decades as a captivating public speaker and engaging trainer, Tracy works with businesses in two areas: 1) Helping high-achieving employees discover their true selves, empower their joy, and apply their ambition to attaining a sustainably blended, happy life, while pursuing personal success and business results; 2) Educating leaders to avoid common pitfalls of burnout, deploy best practices for retention and create a workplace where employees want to work, stay and prosper.

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Tracy LaLonde

Author, Public Speaker, Overchiever


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