Feeling overwhelmed by heavy workload, unrelenting pace and never-ending demands?

Unlock the keys to better, more sustainable ways to work and live.

39 Life Hacks to Combat Burnout

Reduce stress with everyday rituals, boundaries and transitions

Manage technology so it stops controlling you

Decrease always-on pressure

Get more done in the same amount of time

Boost performance with R&R

Maximize sleeping, eating and exercise best practices

Stop marching blindly towards burnout.


During this e-learning course, you will pinpoint burnout-inducing habits and replace them with life hacks that actually work.

52% of people experience burnout but you don’t have to.

Step-by-step guidance to keep you motivated, refreshed and healthy as you pursue success.


  • “Best of the best” practices

  • Comprehensive – no need to look any further

  • Choose what will work best for you, your style and your goals

What You’ll Get…

11 engaging video lessons

A handy summary sheet of all 39 life hacks

Tools to implement your selected hacks

79 minutes of programming

Why 39 Life Hacks to Combat Burnout?

Sign up for this course if you:

  • Want to be successful at work and enjoy your life

  • Want a better system to manage your day-to-day

  • Are ready for new habits that are actually effective

  • Are sick and tired of being “sick and tired”

Why just survive when you can thrive?

I’m interested in the program for my business.


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