The Joychiever Journey: A Roadmap for More Joy

Start balancing accomplishments with happiness.

Are your team members struggling to

avoid burnout

while they pursue goals and success?

As a successful firm, your team members have mastered the art of setting and accomplishing goals. Dedication, discipline, and hunger for success have propelled your firm to great heights.

But what if you could harness those skills to cultivate more joy for your workforce?

Work and joy can co-exist!

Achieving success and experiencing joy don’t have to be mutually exclusive. By helping your team members understand what makes them uniquely joyful, you can help them make informed decisions that will help your best talent thrive, both professionally and personally.

  • Improved retention.

  • Increased job satisfaction.

  • Enhanced team dynamics.

Encouraging a balanced approach to personal and professional growth leads to a more diverse and inclusive workplace, fostering better collaboration and overall employee well-being.

In turn, this results in reduced turnover, increased productivity, and a more motivated workforce.

Transform your workplace into a

harmonious and high-performing

work environment

Introducing “The Joychiever Journey”-a comprehensive roadmap to balance work and happiness within your organization. Our ‘7 True Self Stops’ will guide your team members in making choices that prioritize both achievement and joy, breaking the cycle of defaulting to work. In our powerful one-hour presentation, your team will gain a birds-eye view of the ‘7 True Self Stops’ and learn how to:

Break free from negativity and embrace a joyful mindset.

Identify personal values to guide life decisions.

Discover "most joyous" strengths to enhance work satisfaction.

Encourage hobbies that help them unplug and recharge.

Understand the critical role of sleep in maximizing performance.

Foster healthy relationships and distance themselves from toxic connections.

Rejuvenate with guilt-free "ME" time every week.

It’s time to redefine success and embrace a work environment brimming with accomplishments and happiness.

The Joychiever Journey is your ticket to a transformative, fulfilling, and balanced workplace where your team members no longer need to choose between achievement and joy, leading to a more engaged, inspired and productive workforce.

"[Tracy] was insightful, practical, and engaging. I loved the focus on joy and self-discovery. I learned so much about myself and how to make more daily choices for joy. Highly recommend!"

"I've been struggling with burnout and feeling overwhelmed at work, but after this keynote I learned how to prioritize joy and self-care, and it's made a huge difference in my productivity and happiness."

"I found all of the social science behind what [Tracy] suggests to be very helpful and informative. It shows that her tips can actually work."

"It feels like Tracy is talking directly to me. She totally understands the joys and pains of being an overachiever. I can't wait to implement her suggestions!"

"I was stuck. I've struggled for quite some time with work-life balance. The '7 True Self Stops' are the perfect roadmap to help me find my way out of my work doldrums."


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