Keynote Presentations

Inspiring. Practical. Engaging.

Truth: Achieving success at your firm should never come at the cost of your team’s well-being and happiness.


Instead of the typical motivational speeches that leave your firm inspired for a day, Joychiever is passionate about delivering powerful “calls to action” that provoke lasting change. Our keynote presentations move your team members to take action, equipping them with practical tools, tips, and strategies they can apply right away to improve performance, productivity, and engagement.

Start the journey towards a happier, more effective, and more engaged team today.

Keynote Presentations

6 Mistakes that Kill Engagement

A game-changing keynote presentation.

5 Root Causes of Resignation

Is your organization experiencing high turnover?

17 Life Hacks to Buck Burnout

Reclaim balance within your firm.

The Joychiever Journey: A Roadmap for More Joy

Start balancing accomplishments with happiness.

"I found all of the social science behind what [Tracy] suggests to be very helpful and informative. It shows that her tips can actually work."

"While I knew that heavy workloads were wearing my team down, I never had an answer for how to manage it. Now I have several ideas!"

"Some of these hacks are so common sense, but I've never thought about them before. I'm definitely going to try #12!"

"I never realized what an impact weekly check-ins would have on my team. I am going to make more of an effort to incorporate those into my interactions with my them."

"Best presentation of the whole event!"


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