Inspiring Leaders = Engaged Workforce

Empower your partners to foster engagement and drive success with our Leading with Impact program.

Partners in elite firms struggle to manage effectively.


Time is a scarce commodity, and partners are constantly juggling multiple responsibilities, making it difficult to devote necessary attention to managing others.

Many partners excel in their chosen area of expertise but may lack the knowledge and skills required for effective management.

The pressure to prioritize client satisfaction can lead to micromanagement and a lack of trust in team members, hindering their ability to perform at their best.

Tight deadlines and the demand for high-quality work can place immense pressure on partners in firms, leading to increased stress and a reduced ability to manage well.

Being stuck in old ways of thinking can inhibit effective management in firms, creating an environment, motivation and retention.

Boost engagement. Reduce burnout.

Retain top talent.

Leveraging Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement, the Leading with Impact program is an innovative, one-year learning experience, designed to revolutionize how partners manage to sustainably drive success for the firm.

The program unveils 12 essential best practices designed to enhance engagement while reducing burnout. Going beyond foundational management skills, such as delegation and feedback, this program provides over 80 techniques to take participants’ management skills to the next level.

Expertly crafted eLearning modules, designed specifically for firms, power the seven interactive discussion meetings where participants have the opportunity to exchange ideas, debate concepts and collaborate with the peers, creating a dynamic and enriching learning environment.

To administer the program, you will receive an all-in-one Leading with Impact Implementation Toolkit, designed to equip you with all the tools necessary to facilitate a powerful and successful learning experience.

Leading with Impact

Implementation Toolkit

A meticulously crafted timeline for all program activities, ensuring seamless coordination and organization for every stage of the learning experience.

An arsenal of 30 pre-drafted, email messages, expertly designed to ignite excitement for the program, inspire meeting participation, and provide thoughtful follow-up after each session

A thorough pre- and post-course survey system that measures ROI, empowering you with valuable insights and data to optimize the program's effectiveness and demonstrate its long-term impact.

A detailed meeting facilitation guide for each of the seven discussion sessions, enabling you to lead engaging and productive conversations that foster collaboration and deepen the learning experience.

Unleash the advantages for your partners

What’s the ROI for your partners who participate?

  • Partners will be able to work with people whom they can rely on—who are as committed as they are to do the job well.

  • They will have time to focus on their highest and best skills, rather than having to continuously wade in the minutiae.

  • Their teams will consistently deliver exceptional results that make clients happy—and inspire them to hire the firm repeatedly.

  • Work stress will feel more manageable, making it easier to sleep at night.

  • Team members will love to work for these partners—finding their days appropriately challenging and invigorating.

Elevate your firm’s success.

Stop opting for temporary fixes.

While stand-alone workshops can provide a valuable learning experience, they simply don’t have the lasting power to truly transform and develop the essential skills required for significantly enhancing engagement within a firm. Choose a training solution that genuinely moves the needle and revolutionizes engagement.

Unlock the full potential of your partners with Joychiever’s Leading with Impact program.


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