6 Mistakes That Kill Engagement

70% of disengagement is due to poor people management.

Want to improve engagement?

Start at the top.

Most partners and people managers are never taught how to manage beyond basic delegation and feedback skills. Having to rely on instinct, there are management mistakes or missteps that leaders make that negatively impact engagement and are holding your firm back. These leadership missteps encourage exhaustion, feed mistrust, inhibit growth and increase loneliness and detachment.


Here’s the good news. Small changes in management technique can have a dramatic effect. The concepts shared in this presentation are common sense but rarely put into practice. They hold the key to unlocking your leaders’ full management potential and improving engagement one interaction and one day at a time.

Engagement begins with good management.

It’s time to train your leaders how to effectively manage.

Drawing on Joychiever’s innovative Hierarchy of Engagement, this powerful one-hour keynote presentation helps your partners and managers to correct and avoid the following mistakes that kill engagement:

Perpetuate always-on pressure

Fail to appreciate often enough

Overlook the power of trust and autonomy

Miss opportunities to bolster psychological safety

Refrain from conducting 1:1 check-ins

Neglect to underscore why work matters

Each participant will walk away with over 18 tips to immediately improve the way they manage.

The Moment Has Come for Transformation.

Don’t miss out on this game-changing opportunity to teach your partners and managers how to drive higher levels of engagement that can lead to a 23% increase in profitability and a 45% surge in productivity.

"I never realized what an impact weekly check-ins would have on my team. I am going to make more of an effort to incorporate those into my interactions with them."

"Tracy totally gets it. Her observations and tips are based on real-life experiences that I face every day. I’m thankful for the practice help.”

"I've been frustrated that younger team members don't seem as committed to the business as I want them to be. Now, I have a bettter perspective for what motivates them and how I need to adjust my management style to make it a win-win for both of us."

"I like that the tips are not rocket science. They are all things I should be doing but don’t do, or at least not consistently."


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