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Deepening engagement requires vigilance and perseverance.

Cultivating the Committed Workforce: Strategic Insights for Enhanced Engagement

ALM’s Consulting Magazine | March 28, 2024

In an article published on March 28, 2024 in ALM’s Consulting Magazine Tracy LaLonde writes about “cultivating a committed workforce” in consulting firms. Despite understanding the concept of engagement and its impact, many leaders need help implementing strategies to improve engagement.

The article offers a checklist of symptoms for consulting firm leaders to consider about their teams and provides a framework for building a culture where employees are engaged, productive, and happy.

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3 actions will make you a better people manager

Accounting Today | March 26, 2024

In an article published on March 26, 2024 in Accounting Today, Tracy LaLonde discusses some easy-to-deploy actions that will help make you a better people manager.

In the fast-paced ecosystem of accounting, managers often find themselves navigating a tightrope – balancing their voluminous personal workload with the equally critical charge of leading a team. The time required to truly manage, mentor, and guide a team slips through the cracks – often unnoticed until the repercussions ripple through the team’s performance and morale.

The article provides three approaches managers can take to integrate people into their everyday tasks better.

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Who’s Responsible for Engagement in a Law Firm?

Today’s Managing Partner | March 21, 2024

In an article published on March 21, 2024 in Today’s Managing Partner, Tracy LaLonde explores how fostering a culture of high engagement is a symphony orchestrated by all levels of a firm, from the top leadership to each contributor. Read the article here.


Trust From the Inside Out | March 20, 2024

In an article published on March 20, Tracy LaLonde shares a few thoughts on what, exactly, makes trust so crucial for lawyers.

Read her full commentary on how to cultivate stronger, more cohesive, and higher-performing work relationships by intentionally focusing on a few key elemental areas of trust here:


Connecting Dots: Understanding How Fostering Engagement Sparks Exceptional Performance | March 7, 2024

Thank you to, for featuring my latest article where I explore how engagement and well-being intersect to enhance productivity and satisfaction in the field of law.

I also include some actionable strategies for individuals and managers to cultivate engagement at work. Check it out and share your thoughts in the comments below. Your feedback fuels the conversation toward positive change!

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Defusing the Always-On Time Bomb: Cultivating a Culture of Responsiveness without Sacrificing Sanity | March 4, 2024

In an article published on March 4, 2024 on, Tracy Lalonde examines the the host of benefits that come from confronting and managing always-on pressure.

Team morale surges, and you can breathe easier and feel less rushed. Productivity scales. As energy and focus improve, so does your work. Clients’ trust deepens, and you provide better quality services and retain clients longer. Work-life harmony blossoms, giving you the potential for a happier, healthier life. By employing clear communication, thoughtful strategies, and robust support from our leaders, we can foster a work environment that values responsiveness and individual well-being.

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How Law Firms Can Build Engagement to Avoid Attorney Burnout | January 17, 2024

In an article published on January 17, Tracy LaLonde was interviewed by Law360’s Anna Sanders for a story on how law firm leaders can embrace engagement to end burnout. The conversation explored why law firms are particularly vulnerable to burnout and how remote work requires intentional communication, leadership, and opportunities to connect with colleagues.

Anna also asked about Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement, which was developed after a deep dive into models like Gallup, Gartner, Harvard Business Review, and Deloitte. This hierarchy was developed as a way for leaders whose business models thrive on client service to have a framework to create engagement in high-demand environments. As Tracy shared with Law360, “The idea is to give folks a framework to identify where there might be areas of distress or unrest and to leverage that to understand what people truly want the most. It’s trying to identify the root cause of high engagement or low engagement.”

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Well-Being and Engagement: Why a Firm Needs to Prioritize Both | January 9, 2024

In an article published on January 9, Tracy LaLonde explains why well-being and engagement are not interchangeable terms; they are distinct but interconnected pillars of a thriving work environment. 

Wellness initiatives are undoubtedly valuable and have gained traction in recent years, and while these initiatives can contribute positively to a law firm’s culture, they only scratch the surface of the larger issue at hand. To truly unleash the potential of a high-performing team, engagement is just as vital as wellness. By digging deeper, law firms can build a work culture that promotes well-being, stimulates engagement, and sets the stage for success.

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While the Phenomenon is Gone from the Headlines, Quiet Quitting is Still Happening | January 3, 2024

In an article published by on January 3, 2024, Tracy Lalonde explores the seemingly forgotten trend of “quiet quitting,” examining how law firm leaders can embrace engagement as the remedy to team members’ passive disconnection and leverage connection to recover the quiet quitters. 

While it may be tempting for partners or managers to focus their efforts on more vocal team members, dismissing the concerns of quiet quitters can be costly. These individuals often possess valuable skills, knowledge and experience that, if nurtured and reharnessed, can contribute significantly to the organization’s success. Once you notice the typical signs of quiet quitting, invest more into these individuals. The firm will stand to regain loyal, motivated team members who can positively impact team morale and performance.

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Consider Adding These Skills to Engage Workers Who’ve Checked Out | December 8, 2023

In a December 8 column published by Bloomberg Law, Tracy LaLonde advises law firm leaders about pinpointing the root cause of disengagement. Often, LaLonde says, leaders address the wrong issues, prioritizing and investing in mental health and well-being initiatives, for example. While those causes are noble, they are not solving the issue.

“Engagement can be defined as a team member’s involvement, commitment, and enthusiasm for work and the workplace,” LaLonde writes in the article. “The key difference between engagement and well-being is that engagement directly impacts the bottom line.” 

She continues, “On the other side of the spectrum, disengagement results from poor people management and counterproductive policies and procedures. Most law firm partners were never taught how to manage people beyond the basics of delegation and feedback skills, and we all know these things weren’t taught in law school.”

You may read the column in Bloomberg Law here.


Law Firms’ Command-and-Control Management Style Isn’t Working—What Now? | December 6, 2023

In an article published by on December 6, 2023, Tracy Lalonde describes the challenges associated with the traditional hierarchical structures and top-down decision-making found in many law firms. She provides guidance on how law firm leaders can flip this script and engage attorneys with newfound commitment.

She writes, “This command-and-control style of management is present in many law firms – and while it may arguably have worked in the past, it’s become increasingly ineffective as motivation, expectations and tolerance of associates have evolved. Using this model today is a surefire way to erode trust, confidence and eagerness by making attorneys feel micromanaged, anxious and unsupported.”

Instead LaLonde points law firm managing partners and other leaders to embrace engagement with their teams:

“The new challenges that today’s law firms face demand a more adaptive and inclusive approach to leadership that the command-and-control model can’t fulfill – and the way out is through engagement.”

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Your ‘Entitled’ Associates Want to Work Hard. They Just Need a Good Reason. | October 31, 2023

In an article published by on October 31, 2023, Tracy Lalonde explores the commonalities and strengths among generations and gives law firm leaders encouragement about how to help younger attorneys engage.

“We now have a new generation of attorneys who want something different from work and life than their predecessors. They’re no longer willing to accept burnout and subpar management. Should we really blame them for that?”

Being an associate in 2023 is something entirely different than it used to be, and the newest generation of lawyers has different expectations. In this article Tracy discusses how focusing on ways to foster engagement can help ensure that generational frustrations don’t fester at your firm.

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Billable Hours May Never Go Away, but There’s Room for Other Drivers of Performance | October 3, 2023

In an article published on October 3, 2023 by, Tracy Lalonde encourages law firm leaders to embrace key performance indicators other than billable hours. She provides a selection of seven alternative factors that increase employee engagement and produce valuable business outcomes.

“To increase engagement with associates, law firm leaders need to acknowledge, encourage, motivate, appreciate, reward and pay for ALL of these business outcomes as they are closely intertwined with engagement in the workplace,” explains LaLonde. “Regularly discussing and reinforcing how associates are making a difference in these areas will help them find meaning in their work and ignite engagement.”

LaLonde goes on to suggest an alternative bonus structure that rewards employees for meeting alternative indicators rather than the number of overtime hours the individual worked. She concludes that integrating alternative indicators in the company reward system will produce higher employee engagement, client satisfaction and quality of work while reducing burnout and disillusionment among employees.

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Inspire Gen Z and Millennial Accountants Through Better Engagement

Accounting Today | September 15, 2023

In an article published on September 15, 2023 by Accounting Today, Tracy LaLonde discusses what firms can do to help young professionals get excited about accounting and how to improve engagement across all generations.

“Understanding what makes millennial and Gen Z accountants and students feel motivated and energized can have a profound impact on their job satisfaction, commitment and overall well-being,” explains LaLonde. “Once you crack that code, you might discover the problem isn’t that the younger generations don’t want to be accountants; perhaps they just want to be different accountants than their baby boomer and Gen X predecessors.”

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Wellness Initiatives Are Nice, but They Aren’t Solving the Root Problem: Engagement | September 11, 2023

In an article published on Sept. 11, 2023 by, Tracy Lalonde examines how the current initiatives to promote wellness in the legal profession simply treat the symptoms rather than the cause of the issue. Stress and burnout are significant ailments that affect the wellbeing of legal professionals, but the most prominent issue is the lack of engagement employees have with their work.

“When lawyers are engaged, they’re more productive, creative and resilient,” explains LaLonde. “They find meaning and satisfaction in their work, which in turn leads to improved well-being.”

She further outlines methods of encouraging employee engagement in the workplace from compensation to company culture.

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Is Burnout Tired and Worn Out? | July 28, 2023

In an article published on July 28, 2023 by, Tracy Lalonde examines the path to burnout and provides insights that can help you nip it in the bud.

“While the realization that you are suffering from burnout may feel like flipping a switch, e.g. “I’m burned out,” it actually is a long, twisting journey to get to the state.”

She also offers Quick Pulse Poll that will help you assess your current stress level on your journey so you can identify areas where you might need to do further self-exploration.

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