The Engagement Code

Are you ready to unlock secrets for better performance?

Engaged businesses outperform competitors by 202%.

Engagement is one of those workplace attributes that is easy to identify in action. It is clear when one team member is engaged and when another is disengaged. As a leader, you want it. You know your business does better with it. But how can you cultivate engagement? How can you encourage others in your firm to care about and take steps to foster it.

The Engagement Code presentation is designed specifically for firms who want to challenge the status quo and embrace positive change. The Engagement Code isn’t just a presentation—it’s an experience. Using data-backed insights and personalized anecdotes, the session will provide practical and proven strategies to understand and improve engagement and drive success in your firm.

Engagement is the dynamic force that fuels morale, productivity, retention, client satisfaction and financial performance.

During this technique-packed session, participants will learn about:

What engagement is and how it impacts performance.

The latest engagement trends and how your firm can stay ahead of the curve.

Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement and how to diagnose and solve common performance issues.

Specific tips to improve performance in 4 areas: Productivity, Disposition, Teaming & Collaboration and Problem Solving & Creativity.

We Have the Answers.

Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock the secrets to better performance! The Engagement Code will give your leaders the knowledge and tools you need to move the needle and improve engagement at your firm.

"I always thought attitude was the responsibility of the [team member]. Now I realize that there are things I can do to foster a positive attitude at work.”

"While I knew that heavy workloads were wearing my team down, I never had an answer for how to manage it. Now I have several ideas!"

“I’ve struggled with getting my team to work together when remote. This program gave me specific ideas to help.”

“I appreciate the tips to help my [team members] take more initiative to not only identify problems but also offer solutions.”


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