5 Root Causes of Resignation

Is your organization experiencing high turnover?

With talent at a premium, the question for your firm is:

What motivates your team members to
work, stay, and prosper?

Team members desire a workplace that recognizes their potential and invests in unlocking it.

They desire the ability to influence various aspects of their work, including schedules, tasks, deadlines, and decision-making. This freedom fosters ownership, driving excellence and meaningful contributions. They also seek a trusting, transparent work environment with reasonable workloads and minimized “always-on” pressure.

When the firm focuses on individual strengths and growth, team members can propel personal, as well as firm, success. Additionally, team members seek continuous affirmation of their work’s purpose, value and impact, thereby connecting them with the firm’s mission.

This sense of purpose fuels motivation and creates a thriving, resourceful workforce in a perpetually shifting business environment.

The surprising truth about

Ineffective management

In reality, partners and managers may be creating an environment that is opposite to what team members desire because they:

  • Lack understanding of the importance of creating a positive work environment that promotes growth, trust, and transparency.

  • Focus solely on achieving short-term goals and results, disregarding the long-term impact on team members’ well-being and the firm’s success.

  • Believe they know best and team members should follow their directives without question, hindering autonomy, creativity, and motivation.

  • Buckle under the pressure to meet deadlines and deliver results, leading to unrealistic expectations and putting undue stress on team members.

44% of team members

have a manager who makes them want to

quit their job.

Unlock the true potential of
effective management.

During this technique-packed, one-hour presentation, participants will learn how to:

Build trust, enable autonomy, and allow for flexibility.

Reasonably manage workloads and deadlines.

Alleviate always-on pressure.

Lean into strengths that motivate and engage.

Tap into the power of purpose.

By equipping partners and managers with these proven skills, you will create a vigorous workforce that is not only motivated and engaged but also remarkably adaptable in today’s ever-evolving business landscape.

"Responsiveness is critical in this business, but always-on pressure can be crushing. I am definitely going to avoid sending emails to my team at night or use Delay Delivery so I don't bombard my team during their personal time."

"While I knew that heavy workloads were wearing my team down, I never had an answer for how to manage it. Now I have several ideas!"

"I now understand that flexbility is really about autonomy. Tracy's tips have given me ideas for how to have more effective conversations with my team members."

"[Tracy's] keynote really drove home the importance of work-life balance and provided our firm with the resources we needed to take care of ourselves. I'm grateful to be part of a team that values my well-being."


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