Do you want to unearth the secrets to motivating your team, keeping them engaged and avoiding burnout?

Discover 12 management techniques that exacerbate burnout and how to overcome them.

Your management style is likely contributing to burnout.


There are many common, long-practiced, management tactics that are major contributors to burnout in the workplace.
This course will open your eyes and revolutionize how you manage your team members.

Employees who strongly agree that their managers care about their overall well-being are 69% less likely to actively search for a new job.

12 Management Techniques that Exacerbate Burnout

Banish Burnout:

How to Avoid Management Techniques that Exacerbate Burnout

Designed for Managers.
Built for your Team.


Our step-by-step actionable course teaches tips, methods and techniques to keep your team motivated and engaged.


On top of all that, you’ll have an easier time retaining your talent for years to come!


What others have said about the program…

“This is what makes a company go from good to great!” – A senior level manager


“The course provided all items that we have to work on to provide a better working environment!” – Business leader

What You’ll Get…

17 practical video lessons

88 tips and best practices to manage more effectively

26 handouts and tools

Over 2 hours of programming

Who is the Banish Burnout course for?

This course is for you if you’ve ever wondered…

  • How you can stop team members from leaving the business

  • How to keep your team members motivated

  • Why team members don’t seem to want to work—at all or like they used to

  • How you can alleviate stress and burnout for your team members

  • What will motivate younger generational team members

  • How to support inclusion at work

  • How to help your team members feel less tired, grumpy or frazzled

I want to help the managers in my business develop successful team members.


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