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A Focus on Perseverance

Getting past week 1 to week 52

There is a meme out there that says, “I’m opening a gym called ‘Resolutions’. It will have exercise equipment for the first two weeks and then it turns into a bar for the remainder of the year.” Change is hard. Growth takes effort. Joy requires intentional choice.

You’ve made it through week one of 2021.  You are likely still motivated and invigorated by the goals you have set for yourself or your word for the year. The challenge comes in weeks 4, 24 and 44. How do you sustain the momentum and enthusiasm throughout the year?

The first step is to accept that it is a journey.  There are no quick fixes when it comes to happiness and self-growth. And sometimes the journey involves peaks and sometimes valleys.  It’s okay.

The second step is to keep your eye on the prize. Keep the focus on joy. Joy isn’t the result of a single, monumental moment. It is an accumulation of many small moments throughout the year and our lives.

The third step is to come back to the book and resources. Revisit the ideas within the True Self Stops. Maybe a new tip or technique will help you to dig into your reservoir of perseverance. I promise you it’s worth it!


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