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A Good Friend…

Hard to Find, Lucky to Have

As many of you know, I recently had a beautiful trip to Italy. Two dear friends joined us on this trip, and boy, did we have a fabulous time! The days were filled with sightseeing, adventure, great meals, exercise, and tons of laughter. We also shared personal introspection and visions for our futures. We had it all.
I share this because I appreciate how rare this experience is: 1) Finding friends whom you enjoy so much, and 2) Getting 7 full days to be together. Those two elements combined to enable us to go deep with each other and totally rejuvenate our spirits. We truly unplugged and focused on being happy humans—together.
I’m not exactly sure what my lesson is for you this week other than to encourage you to find your people and the time to invest in those people. The number and time doesn’t have to be large, but find it.
Or maybe this is a reminder to reach out to one of your people for whom you care deeply but haven’t talked to in awhile. Our lives get so busy, and those phone calls are often reduced to brief texts. Find the time. Invest. It will be worth it!

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