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Are YOU the author of your destiny?

Not always simple to answer

The answer to the above question seems like it should have a simple answer—Yes! But when you think about the influences in your life, the answer may not be so clear.
Various segments of people impact your life—loved ones, bosses, customers or clients.
Work and all the stressors associated with work can affect your life.
Elements out of your control can change your trajectory—health issues, recessions, social and political concerns, for example.
And finally, simple inertia can prevent you from taking control of your future. Life may be happening, and it may be too hard to shift towards another direction or maybe you don’t know how.
Take a few moments to reflect how any or all of these aspects may be affecting you. I’m not suggesting that you don’t bend to the interests of others but ensure that you don’t lose yourself along the way. You can have co-authors or contributors but be sure that your life fits YOU.

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