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Build a firm of the future

Make engagement the foundation

In many firms today, engagement suffers.

Heavy workloads, high stress levels, and always-on pressure often leave team members feeling drained and disengaged. Personal growth may be stifled, with limited opportunities for harnessing individual strengths and talents. Authenticity and appreciation may take a backseat, as hierarchy and conformity dominate the workplace. Decision-making authority and the power to influence may reside primarily with the few, leaving others feeling voiceless and disempowered. And the purpose behind the work may fade into the background, overshadowed by billable hours and bottom lines.

What if we reimagined a firm of the future whose priority is engagement? What would that firm look like?

Work-life balance, rather than personal sacrifice, is a top priority, and schedules are designed with the team member’s needs in mind. Workload is steady and manageable, and deadlines are reasonable (most of the time). Gone are the regular 12-hour workdays, and there is time for a life outside of work.

Let’s talk about personal growth. This firm understands the importance of nurturing individual talents, and the idea of “upskilling” is central to the firm’s ethos. Team members are encouraged to constantly develop their unique strengths, and partners and managers prioritize and make time for team members to participate in training. Additionally, strengths-based coaching is provided to each team member.

Now, imagine individuals having a voice. At this firm, input matters. Not just a cog in the machine, each team member has the ability to influence their work environment, make important decisions, and is trusted by the organization. This firm values expertise and invites team members to contribute their unique perspective. It empowers each person and fuels motivation to do their best work.

But what really makes this place shine is the ability for every team member to be their authentic selves and feel appreciated. They can walk into work every day knowing that they can be unapologetically themselves, without the need to conform or pretend to be someone else. Their individuality, passions, and ideas are not only accepted, but celebrated.

But wait! We can’t forget purpose. Every morning, team members are excited to go to work because they know that what you do actually matters. At this firm, they’re not just pushing papers, answering endless emails and there for billing hours only. Instead, they have opportunities to and know how they are making a difference. This sense of purpose brings a level of satisfaction and fulfillment that cannot be attained through monetary means alone.

Too Good to Be True?

This future-state firm cannot be achieved overnight. It will require effort, training and small incremental changes to get there. Here are five things that you/managers/partners can do TODAY to start down this path.

Strive to keep deadlines reasonable. For example, when a client sends a request at 4:00 pm on a Friday, respond to ascertain the sense of urgency. Do they need it that day or can the team get it to them on Monday? Avoid assuming everything is ASAP.

Prioritize team member training. So often attendance at training programs is sacrificed for “more pressing client needs.” While sometimes that may be true, as their manager or partner, you need to actively support and encourage participation.

Invite team member input. Strategy, decision making, deadlines. Three areas where you can seek team member perspective, opinion and suggestions. It’s one of the easiest ways to actively express “I value you.”

Appreciate the little things. Met deadlines. Attention to detail. Creative problem solving. And the list goes on. Acknowledge all the little things team members do right every day, and they’ll keep doing those things in perpetuity.

Make meaning visible. Regularly strive to answer the question, “How does my work make a difference?” for team members. Provide the bigger picture when delegating. Share positive client feedback. Discuss the impact of the work on the firm.

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