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The Magic of Meal Delivery Services

While food fuels you and enables you to be a successful achiever, meal making can be a major pain, especially if you are trying to eat in a healthy way.
Several years ago, I started on the path of eating only fish (pescatarian) and primarily whole foods. I have significantly tried to minimize eating processed foods. While this is good for me, all of this equates to needing to prepare or cook every meal I eat. Hello, time suck!
I don’t know about you, but at the end of the day, I’m often lacking energy to prep, chop and cook. I have become a Gold level user on UberEATS, but worry about increased expense and calories. Long-term, I’m not sure it is the best answer for me.
Enter meal delivery services. What a brilliant invention/service! I have used a couple of different services over the years and have found them incredibly helpful. They save a lot of time and energy, and enable me to meet my food needs.
The great part is that more and more services keep launching, and the older ones continue to improve their offerings. Here is a great summary from Epicurious of the best services out there. The list covers all price ranges, food preferences and time investment levels, e.g. ‘heat and eat’ or ‘chop and cook’.
All this talk of food is making me hungry! I’m off to find a healthy snack.


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