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Joy as a Goal

In The Joychiever Journey, I talk about the “Once I” syndrome. “Once I [fill in the goal you set for yourself], then I can enjoy my life or have fun.” We consider joy as a “nice to have” rather than a must have.
What if you set joy as a specific goal, just like all of your other overachieving goals? If you put as much energy and attention to deliberating pursuing the golden ring of joy, I bet you would reach it. But here’s the thing, I imagine many of us have set this goal but then don’t respect it. It’s SO easy to put joy on the backburner.
I get it. I do it, too. (sadly)
I was recently reminded of the Tony Robbins quote about focus and energy, and it inspired this post. We have to put as much focus on joy as we do all of our other goals. What does that look like?
  • Write down what a joyful life looks like for you
  • Set action steps for new behavior changes
  • Declare a list of behaviors that you will strive to no longer do
  • Share your goals with a loved one or friend. Pursue your goals together and/or ask them to hold you accountable
  • Measure your progress monthly and yearly
You are an achiever! You’ve got this, and if you would like additional motivation from Tony Robbins, watch his 2-minute video.

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