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Hang in There, Baby!

Why Joy is a Pursuit

I am overwhelmed…and joy has felt elusive lately.
Business has picked up a lot in 2021—both with client engagements (thankfully) and new ideas that I have for the business—and I’m busy…really busy. Many would say that it is a “good problem” to have, but boy, am I feeling the “problem” aspect of that phrase.
I have found myself falling back into my overachiever ways, by putting in more hours and seemingly chaining myself to my desk. If I work harder, this will pass. If I can just get through February, things will lighten up.
I’m telling you this not to complain but to share in the struggle with you. I do believe that achieving and joy can happen simultaneously, but how I respond when achieving is tipping the scale off balance matters.
Yes, some additional hours are required right now to get through this busy time AND more techniques to find the joy are ALSO required. Joy doesn’t just happen. It has to be pursued, especially when some of my usual techniques aren’t having their typical positive effect.
The good news is that the book provides so many techniques that can help reclaim that balance, that joy—some of which I haven’t used in a while—and I am thankful to have them all in one place.
I have been working through the chapters to find other techniques to help reclaim balance during this stressful time. I haven’t been using affirmations lately, and it feels like it may help right now. “I am in control of my joy” is a new mantra that I am going to deploy.
How is your stress level in the beginning of this year? Might you need some additional techniques to manage for joy?

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