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Holy Cow! The Joychiever Launched This Week

Reflections on a Personally Monumental Experience

Eleanor Roosevelt’s quote has been a motto of mine for some time. I have regularly “put myself out there” in being a public speaker, entrepreneur and consultant. However, I have to say that writing a book that is available to the whole world takes it to another level. It is incredibly exciting and rewarding while also being scary as hell.

Launch day was three days ago. It was a day of mixed emotions. Pride. Celebration. Accomplishment. Disbelief (that I actually wrote a BOOK). Fear. Anticlimax. Hope. Enthusiasm. Gratitude (for all of the support). Commitment (to spread the word for Joy). A project that I have been thinking about every day for 20 months has come to fruition, and yet it is simply one VERY LARGE step of many steps in the overall “Joychiever Journey” journey.

The ultimate goal is to talk to people in a live format about how to have more joy in their lives while still achieving. I’m convinced it’s possible. I can’t wait to peel back the layers of the book with people so that we can dig in and do the work together. I can’t wait to see epiphanies happen as people choose to change aspects of their lives for joy. I can’t wait to see highly successful people smile more. That’s my ultimate wish. We have a lot of work to do so let’s keep forging ahead…together.

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