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I scream…You scream

Let it rip!

Have you ever felt so frustrated, angry or some other intense emotion that you just wanted to scream? Or maybe you just couldn’t take it anymore and just opened your mouth and let out a good yell. Turns out a (safe) scream can be helpful.

Vocalizing your emotions can be a powerful, therapeutic verbal release, but societal norms tell us to stifle the impulse. Certainly, randomly (or not randomly) screaming atpeople isn’t necessarily the best idea. But letting out a good yell in a safe or solitary environment can eliminate some of your stress.

“Yelling might trigger some endorphins—a natural high…It’s really similar to a runner’s high. You’re getting the same effect in a different way.” – Dr. Peter Calafiura

So, if you’re feeling the need to let off some steam, give it a good yell. I give you permission but be sure to warn others who may be around you or grab a pillow.

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