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Job Crafting Can Optimize Engagement

Disengagement results in $500 million annually in lost productivity. In some cases, job crafting could be a good solution to help keep the team members whom you want to retain but may have become bored or underutilized. Redesigning the job could increase satisfaction, meaning and fulfillment for the team member.
A job can be re-crafted in 4 ways:
TASK: Changing the type, scope, sequence and number of tasks. You can also change the time and effort spent on certain tasks, depending on interests and skills. For example, Amelia is an office manager. While many of her duties are financially oriented, she enjoys graphic design. She uses these skills to enhance reports and presentation of typically “dry” financial updates.
PURPOSE: Adding more or tying more closely to meaning. For example, Beth works in housekeeping at a hotel. She has worked to create more meaning about what might otherwise be seen as ‘busy work’. Changing hotel bedsheets in this sense might be less about cleaning and more about making travelers’ journeys more comfortable and memorable.
RELATIONSHIP: Changing with whom the role regularly interacts—colleagues, customers, community or anyone with whom the role interacts. For example, Ben works in IT but really likes getting to know new people. He now mentors new team members when they join.
WELL-BEING: Making the job healthier from a physical and mental perspective. For example, Joan is an event manager and has 3 kids under 5. It used to be that one person would run an event from soup to nuts—planning, executing and being on-site during the event. Many of the events run in the evening and weekends, which are very difficult and stressful for Joan. The team has recrafted the role to separate planning and execution aspects. Now, Joan focuses primarily on the planning, and others on the team, for whom it is a better fit, execute the events.
While not the solution in every situation, job crafting can go a long way in retaining your highly valued team members. 

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