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Level 7 of Engagement: Nurture Purpose-Driven Performance

Lean into purpose and make meaning visible

Let’s dive into Level 7 of the Joychiever’s Hierarchy of Engagement: Purpose, a critical workforce engagement driver. Team members who feel a sense of purpose in their work tend be happier, healthier and more productive. Workforce engagement strengthens when managers and partners explain how team members are contributing to client relationships, the firm and the overall business.

As a manager or partner, one of your key responsibilities is to help your team members answer four important questions that cultivate a sense of purpose and ignite their passion.

Question 1: “How does what I do matter here?”
Understanding the impact of their role within the firm is essential for team members to feel connected and engaged. As a manager, it is crucial to provide clarity on how their work

contributes to the bigger picture. Help them see the value they bring and the ripple effect their efforts create. For example, with an associate, demonstrate how their exceptional service directly impacts client satisfaction and, consequently, the reputation of the firm.

Question 2: “Why am I doing the work that I’m doing?”
People find fulfillment when their work aligns with their personal values and long-term goals. Encourage open conversations with your team members to understand what motivates them on a deeper level. Perhaps someone is passionate about sustainability, and by connecting their work to environmental initiatives within the firm, they will feel a stronger sense of purpose. By understanding their “why,” you can help structure their work in a way that resonates with their passions and values.

Question 3: “Does this work inspire me?”
Inspiration is the fuel that ignites creativity and productivity. Encourage your team members to explore their strengths and interests. As their manager, you can provide growth opportunities and assign projects that align with their passions. For example, if someone has a knack for problem-solving and analytical thinking, assigning them challenging projects will inspire them to push their limits and attain fulfillment from their work.

Question 4: “Does my work make a difference?”
Humans crave a sense of contribution and impact. Help your team members connect the dots between their daily tasks and the larger purpose of the organization. Celebrate their achievements and show them how their work positively influences the success of the team and the firm. By emphasizing the significance of their efforts, you encourage a sense of pride and ownership in their work.


Click the image to the right to download an infographic Nurture Purpose-Drive Performance. Feel free to share it with your teams.

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