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Sniff for the Hyacinths

Spring is Coming!

Spring is tomorrow, people! One of the telltale signs of Spring, in addition to daffodils, are hyacinths. While daffodils grab your attention with their bright yellow color, hyacinths woo your nose. They smell heavenly and fill my soul with joy.
Here are some interesting tidbits about hyacinths:
  • The hyacinth is the flower of the sun god Apollo
  • They are mentioned as far back as the Greeks and Romans
  • The starfish petals symbolize peace, commitment, beauty, power and pride
  • They also provide a lot of health benefits: treatment for skin disorders, reduction of nausea and vomiting and treatment of cholera
Hyacinths don’t grow naturally here in Florida, but I still find them in nearby nurseries and fill the house. It simply smells divine and automatically puts a smile on your face. If they aren’t growing where you live, go find them in the stores and inhale Spring.

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