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Your The 4-Day Work Week – Yay or Nay?

Trials for 4-day work weeks are taking hold across the globe. Iceland was the first nation to run a trial between 2015-2019, and currently 85% of workers there have selected or have the option to select working four days a week. Similar pilots are happening in Sweden, Spain and Japan.
A couple of interesting facts to know about this arrangement: 1) It isn’t a model of doing five days of work in four days. Hours are decreased to 32 per week. 2) Compensation remains the same.
While one would expect well-being to improve with an extra day off, trial participants are also finding that productivity is increasing. People are getting more done in less time. Microsoft Japan tested this approach in 2019 and saw a 40% improvement in productivity during their pilot.
Implementing a concept like this at your business isn’t as easy as lopping off Friday from the work week. Many processes in business or types of businesses require more round-the-clock operations or service. Coupled with that, each individual will have their preference for how they would like to work, given their life circumstances.
For some, a shortened, 5-day week works better, or for others, working Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday may be ideal (personally and for the business). The key is to be creative in order to meet the needs and interests of both the business and the team member.
There is a non-profit organization leading the charge globally for this effort—4 Day Week Global. Their website has great data on these efforts, as well as research that busts many myths surrounding this concept.
I’m a “Yay” for finding more ways for the 4-day week to work. How about you?

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