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The Burpee

A Love/Hate Relationship

Ah, the beloved/dreaded burpee. Does anyone else share the same love/hate relationship that I have with them? So challenging but yet so beneficial. Its combination of movements works your shoulders, arms, core, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. I don’t think there is any other exercise out there that gives you as much bang for the buck. Plus, you don’t need equipment and can do them anywhere. 
Getting in the recommended amount of exercise can be tough for many. Time may be limited. You may lack the motivation. You may simply dislike it. This post is not intended to convince you to exercise.
Rather, I simply want to give the burpee the props it deserves. If you are pressed for time, want to work out multiple parts of your body quickly, and want to raise your heart rate easily, drop down into some burpees. Doing ten burpees should only take you 3-5 minutes.
If you want more info about burpees, check out 7 Reasons You Should Do Burpees Every Day. Personally, it’s not a daily habit for me yet, but definitely one to aspire towards.

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