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Workplace engagement = high performance + high levels of joy.

Seems simple right?

Simple…maybe. Easy…definitely not.

Despite businesses pouring tremendous dollars and resources into mental health and well-being initiatives for their team members, many studies point to continued problems and increased issues. These investments are not yielding the desired results.


You’re focusing in the wrong direction.

Mental health, burnout and job dissatisfaction are the symptoms.

Disengagement is the problem. And, what causes disengagement is poor management and counter-productive policies and procedures.

At Joychiever, we have created our Hierarchy of Engagement. Drawing from proven models in other industries, this new archetype for legal and professional services firms provides a structure from which you can identify and solve for disengagement issues.

In next week’s Impact Insider, we will dive into the hierarchy and help you to understand what engagement really is and why it’s so important. In the weeks following, we will explore each of the seven levels of the hierarchy, associated performance concerns and ways to address each.

Even though engagement levels are at their lowest levels in a decade and generations seem to be continuously clashing over what they want from work, there is hope. There are relatively straightforward shifts in how leaders manage and firms drive culture that can have a huge impact.

I can’t wait to dig into it with you!

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