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The Power Hour (or Half Hour)

Reclaim Your Lunch Break

Skipping lunch or eating through lunch is not a new phenomenon, but I fear it has worsened with remote work. Taking a few minutes to grab food from the kitchen and mindlessly consuming calories happens more often than I would like to admit. 
Imagine if you regained control of this pivotal time of the day and was more purposeful about the experience. Maybe even block it off on your calendar like any other appointment.
Here are ways the time could be well spent:
  • Eat mindfully away from your desk and consume healthy foods to power your afternoon
  • Eat virtually or in-person with a friend or colleague
  • Go outside for some nature therapy
  • Squeeze in a workout for body and mental health
  • Unwind and play with fun videos from the web or apps
  • Accomplish an errand or chores so you have the evening free to be with friends or loved ones
Lunch has become lost time. Free yourself from being one of the 62% of Americans who eat lunch at the desk. Reclaim this time and make it a Power Hour!

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