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The profound impact of trust and connection

Ignore it at your peril

I’ve been talking with many business leaders lately about their struggles in motivating their teams, especially their younger team members. Many seem at a loss and are desperately seeking clarity.
Here might be one remedy for the problem—trust and connection. I know. Duh! But give me a minute to explain why this is a profound moment.
I recently came across a study by ADP Research Institute (ADPRI) and Marcus Buckingham (remember StrengthsFinder?), and their findings on trust and connection were incredibly compelling.
When ADPRI asked its 50,000 global survey participants if they trusted their teammates, their team leader and their senior leaders, those who strongly agreed that they trusted people in two of the categories were three times as likely as others to be fully engaged and highly resilient. Those who strongly agreed that they trusted all three were 15 times as likely to be fully engaged and 42 times as likely to be highly resilient.
If you hear explosion sounds, that’s my head blowing off.
How many supervisors and managers view a critical competency of their jobs as trust building? The good ones do, but many are more focused on the day-to-day operational needs of supervising, Additionally, trust takes time, intention and perseverance. Not everyone can stick with it long enough to fully form.
I’ve added the connection aspect to this idea because it is often easier for a manager to grasp than trust. If they focus on developing connection with the team member in the form of check-ins, asking about the personal side of life, encouraging the team member to express their views and ideas, as examples, trust can build from there.
This is a really short post for such a complex topic, but I had to share this notion with you. It couldn’t wait for me to fully flush out all of the ideas. So I will let this idea rest with you for now and pick up the conversation in another post down the road. Long live trust!

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