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The Value Proposition of the Office

The “office” is taking on new meaning for many businesses.
For those companies who are offering remote or hybrid working arrangements, the office is no longer the place where employees come to complete their work every day. They have adapted to be productive at home, and in many cases, employees are resenting it when businesses make them come into the office even if its only for 1 or 2 days a week.
If you feel that a hybrid working arrangement is right for your company, you may want to redefine and communicate a new value proposition of the office—or what’s in it for workers (WIFW) to come to workplace.
WIFW #1: Connection
Many of your team members may be feeling disconnected from the team, their boss or the company. If you look at the office as a place to foster connection, you could organize team planning days for projects; plan social events, teambuilding activities or contests, e.g. a chili cook-off; or engage in a company charity event to give back to the community, as examples. If you can build in some fun and socializing into the days when folks are in the office, they may be more enthusiastic about making the commute.
WIFW #2: Collaboration
Collaborating with others leverages strengths and contributions that often result in higher quality output and pride in work. While collaboration didn’t stop when we shifted to remote work, it certainly changed—diminished free flow of communication, extended time staring at the computer, and difficulty with focus and attention, to name a few. I’ve heard many say, “it’s just not the same as being in person.” You could organize collaboration days where teams do the creative or strategic thinking together and deepen trust with one another.
These are just two ideas when we view the office from the WIFW perspective. The workplace is not just about getting work done to meet the objectives of the organization and earning a paycheck. It also provides a host of other experiences that make work enjoyable. You may just need to reframe and/or refocus your folks on those benefits.

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