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The Winter Blues

You can beat it!

Remember the days when you used to crave more time to have fun, engage in a hobby or play with your family? That was probably before COVID when we could actually do things outside of the house. Since COVID, I have seen incredible ingenuity for ways to entertain ourselves and our families in activities or hobbies in the home.
And now, in the last week, as the U.S. has been walloped with bone-chilling, terrible weather across the country, some of you may be at your wits’ end trying to come up with new ways to spend your time indoors.
Here are some ideas to help spur or renew your creativity:
  • Write a song
  • Visit a museum (online)
  • Learn Origami
  • Try whittling
  • Teach your pet new tricks
  • Learn how to do magic
Not surprisingly, YouTube is a great source for “How To” videos for each of these ideas, and in particular, Kevin Lee makes magic tricks super easy. Enjoy!
(Note: If any of you actually try any of these new hobbies, please send us a video so we can celebrate you!)

(Kashy, Quinn & Wood 2002)

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