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Try this productivity hack…

And you get a reward


I’m a consumer of productivity hacks. I love them. I try many of them. I switch them up from time to time. No one productivity hack works for all situations in perpetuity because the way you work changes overtime.

A recent Inc. magazine article offered a good reminder of a few hacks, and it prompted me to share one that I have been using lately.

I am working to be much more deliberate about determining my To-Do list each day. Historically, I usually have a master running list that is prioritized. I work that list each day until my designated “quit time” for the day. Now, I’m taking that one step further.

I determine which items I will work to complete in a particular day, given my schedule, and then I stop working, even if it’s before my “quit time”. So, I may give myself 4 tasks and when I complete them, I get a reward—time for myself. It has motivated me to be hyper-focused to get those tasks done efficiently, without (much) interruption, and I get an extra 30 minutes or an hour for personal life stuff.

This hack has diminished the feeling of a never-ending To-Do list and has helped me to feel more accomplished. Give it a try!

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