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What to Say About 2021?

A Mixed-Emotions Kind of Year


2021. What to think of you? 
Most of us vehemently said good riddance to 2020 this time last year. We were hopeful for vaccines, seeing loved ones and going “back to normal.”
2021 has shown us that we need to redefine “normal” and there’s definitely no going “back”—only to a new forward. I think most of us were feeling pretty positive about 2021 until Omicron reared its “scary, but maybe not so bad” head recently.
It certainly put the kibosh on many holiday plans for travel and festivities, as well as postponed many January 2022 office returns. Also, all of us have become VERY comfortable with over-sized Q-Tips up our noses so we can comfortably see our families this holiday season.
I think what was toughest is that before Omicron, we were all starting to feel like we could really believe in hope—that things were actually going to continue to improve.
So, here’s my request to you—keep believing in hope. Without hope, we are only destined for despair. We are in this together—you and me.
We have to keep facing forward, shoulders back, standing tall and steadfast. We’ve got this! Life WILL continue to improve. In the words of ‘Ted Lasso, “I believe in hope. I believe in BELIEVE.”

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