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When Matters More Than Where

Re-thinking “flexibility”


Flexibility is a word that has dominated workplace conversations for two plus years. For many, the automatic thought is about where employees will work. But flexibility can also mean when, with whom, on what, and how much work will be completed.
While a large number of employees would enjoy location flexibility, 94% want schedule flexibility. This comes from a study conducted by Slack of 10,000 employees, which makes this statistic pretty compelling.
I encourage you to read the article 8 Types of Flexible Work Schedule for the Modern Workforce by Time Doctor. It can help to spur your creative of what would work for your work environment.
If you want to add even more bang for the buck, enable your team members to influence or select the schedule option that would work best for them. For example, one of my clients is offering flexible start times—7:30 am, 8:00 am or 8:30 am, and each team member selects their preference.
This is a small variation to past practices but hugely impactful for employee satisfaction and retention. When team members can be offered influence over their work schedule, you can increase productivity, reduce stress and aid work-life balance.

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