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Your Cheat Sheet for Engagement

9 Questions to Focus On

Engagement is a term that is used quite often in the professional development world.

Simply defined, engagement is the emotional commitment a team member has for the business and its goals. It is a demonstration that they truly care about their work and the firm.

There are four key aspects to engagement:

  • Immersion: Does the team member get absorbed into the work?
  • Challenge & Commitment: Does the team member welcome stretch goals and pursue them enthusiastically?
  • Connection to Greater Purpose: Is the team member interested in contributing to the organization’s mission and purpose?
  • Energy: Is the team member energetic with their work and others on the team?

Team members who are engaged should be able to answer “Yes” to these questions:

  • Is workload and work pace manageable?
  • Do I use my best skills regularly?
  • Do I have opportunities to stretch and grow?
  • Do I feel like I have control over my work life?
  • Am I able to make my own decisions?
  • Do I feel connected to my colleagues, manager/partner(s), and the firm?
  • Can I be myself while working?
  • In the last seven days, has someone appreciated or expressed value for my work?
  • Do I feel like my work matters or makes a difference?

Feel free to share this message and these questions with your partners, managers and leaders. While the questions are fairly straightforward, getting a “Yes” might not be so easy.

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