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Your Personal Independence Day

What do you need to free yourself from?

We celebrate Independence Day in the US this weekend where we recognize our freedom from Great Britain’s rule over our country. It makes me think about us as individuals.

Is there something that you need to free yourself from to experience more or deeper happiness? A negative mindset, an unproductive habit, or a self-limiting belief. What’s getting in the way of you engaging more regularly with joy?

I have been working on my belief that a jam-packed schedule is the only way to demonstrate productivity and value.  Instead, I am leaning into the power of breaks, rest and play and letting go of the guilt that I need to “make up” that time on the next day.

So, I leave you with these thoughts and questions to ponder over the holiday weekend (emphasis on holiday). What can you let go to lighten your shoulders and engage in more smiles?

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