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Holiday Gift Guide for the Overachiever in Your Life

We’ve done some serious research on what the best wellness gifts would be for the overachievers of the world, and we think we’ve done a pretty decent job of pulling together a list of 12 items that have all of us here at HQ drooling. 

WIthout further adieu, let’s jump right in!

Calm App Subscription – $69.99 for an annual subscription or $399.99 for a lifetime subscription

The Calm App has been named by the Center for Humane Technology as the “World’s Happiest App” for a reason; it has:

  • Hundreds of sleep stories
  • Music tracks for focus, relaxation, and sleep
  • Calm Masterclasses taught by experts
  • Calm Body programs, which are videos showing gentle stretching movement to decrease stress and tension in the body
  • Hundreds of guided meditations

Not to mention, the app has over 1.5 million 5 star reviews under its belt. Give the gift of calm this year (quite literally) and purchase a membership for someone you know who needs a little more happiness and peace in their lives.

Self Care Bucket List Cards – $49.74

This makes it on our list of the best wellness gifts because it’s fun, easy, quick, portable, and shareable. Each of the cards in this set has a small, easy-to-complete activity meant to reduce stress and take your mind off of your problems.

Each “task” falls into one of three categories: Life, love, and laughter. The cards in each category have an end goal of boosting the quality of your life, the amount of love you feel, or the amount of laughing you do. It’s one of the best wellness gifts to give someone to help them relax and connect with their loved ones.

Relaxation Goggles – $72.99

Give the gift of revitalized eyes and a chill mindset this holiday season with the #1 best-selling eye massager on Amazon!

But what even is an “eye massager”? This device goes over your—you guessed it—eyes and massages acupoints with a gentle combo of air compression, trigger point therapy, and the option to play whatever music calms you down with its WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity. These clamshell goggles use compressed air to massage the acupressure points located around your eyes for a “shiatsu”-style eye massage. It even has built-in heating pads to relieve eye dryness, and special modes for migraines, headaches, stress, insomnia, eye strain, puffiness, etc.

This tech tool is built for people who look at screens all day, so make sure to snag some of these for the 9-5er’s in your life.

Joychiever Book – Kindle $9.99, Paperback $15.67

Holidays can be busy and stressful, or they can be replete with time to relax by a fire and read. Whether your holidays look like the latter or the former, a good book about how to ditch burnout and get back to living a life that fills you up can go a long way.

But don’t take it from us. Here’s what one of our readers said about their experience with The Joychiever Journey:

After reading The Joychiever Journey, I felt the way that you feel after you step outside and take a deep breath of fresh air – centered, refreshed, and ready to take on the world.”

Aromatherapy Diffuser – $299.95

Scents have been used since ancient times to catalyze various psychological and physiological states. Aromatherapy itself may have the effect of causing humans to return to a normal state when they are stressed.

While the price point on this particular diffuser may seem a little steep, its size, looks, customization, quality, and power have pushed it onto our holiday gift guide. 

Waterless, heatless, and residue-free, the atomization technology of this diffuser is safe for pets, children, and furniture. You can control the schedule of “misting,” and you can choose from dozens of scents on their website to build the perfect atmosphere for the holidays and beyond.

Joychiever Courses – $49 and $89

For a more work-oriented gift, try one (or all) of these three courses that will help reduce the work-related stress on your loved ones this holiday season.

One of these courses has dozens of actionable tips to help your loved one combat burnout, one is a guide for managers looking to reduce the potential to cause burnout in their team members, and one is a comprehensive roadmap that helps individuals march confidently towards the life they deserve.

You can buy the life hacks to live the life you want and alleviate burnout separately, or you can buy all three!

Quote Candle – $26.95

This one made our holiday gift guide because it made us chuckle, and the combination of a candle and a laugh is, in our opinion, some of the best relaxation medicine. A great stocking stuffer at a great price point, you can choose the scent of this 35-hour burn time candle to best fit the tastes of the overachiever in your life.

Oura Smart Ring – $349

This ring is literally and figuratively the “gold standard” in wearable body metric trackers. It is used by multiple independent studies in universities to conduct bodily research, as it is one of the most accurate ways to constantly measure sleep and stress levels, restfulness, activity levels, etc.

Give your loved one a way to monitor their health and the impact their choices have on it with an Oura Ring!

Hidrate Spark – $69.99

This futuristic water bottle tracks how much you drink via Bluetooth, allowing you to view your stats on your phone in the Hidrate app. It even has a tracker so you can locate it if you lost it!

You can customize the color of both the casing and the light-up bottom of the bottle. And the best part? The bottle doesn’t sweat at all, and keeps liquids insulated for up to 24hrs.

Food Wellness Subscription Box – $181+

Eating well is a huge part of staying healthy and reducing anxiety, and this company has several different meal kit options to fit a variety of lifestyles. All of them include plant-based, whole foods, organic, pre-prepared meals so your loved one doesn’t have to stress about cooking or eating healthy. It’s one of the best wellness gifts you can give to show that you care about their health.

Self-Care Truth or Dare – $15

This gift is an excellent stocking stuffer or gift exchange idea. One side of each stick in this set has a thought-provoking question on it, and the other has a dare that could be “challenging,” but is very achievable.

For example, you might get a truth that asks you to answer the question,”How do you relax and recharge? Do you take time to rest?” or you could get a dare demanding you to write a list of your worries, tear it up, and let them go.

Green Herbal Tea Kit – $42

For less than $50, you get nine herbs and three varieties of green tea from Asia in a beautiful boxed set. These curated loose leaf teas get 4.7 stars with over 200 reviews, with 97% of buyers saying they would recommend them to a friend.

Tea can be a great stress reliever and a wonderful replacement for coffee, as it contains less caffeine per cup but enough to give the same wakening effect.

Choosing Joy During the Holidays

We hope you found some good gift inspiration for your beloved overachievers in our holiday gift guide! And we wouldn’t blame you if you got some of the gifts on this list for yourself 😉

Have any questions about burnout or stress during the holidays? Feel free to contact us here at Joychiever. Happy shopping!


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