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The Joychiever Journey

You’ve done everything right—attended a good school, landed a great job, bought things to fill your life, earned promotions, and maybe even became the boss. You’ve achieved success. All of that hard work has paid off. And you’re happy…aren’t you?

Sometimes the hardest goal to achieve is a rich, happy life.

Finding the balance between the nonstop parade of accomplishments and a joy-filled life can feel like a finish line you may never cross.

Like you, founder and speaker Tracy LaLonde was a stressed overachiever—until she took those skills and unapologetically aimed for happiness. In The Joychiever Journey, Tracy shares her comprehensive roadmap to uncovering your True Self and living a joyful life that is expressly yours.

In this book, you will garner a deeper understanding of yourself by exploring the 7 True Self Stops that include:

  • Simple ways to channel your strengths to invite more joy into your 9–5 workday.
  • Less stress, better sleep, and more effective exercise to boost your daily happiness.
  • The secret to healthy aging, reducing anxiety, and healing after adversity.
  • Guilt-free ways to prioritize “me-time” every day to help you replenish, recharge, and thrive.
  • How to retrain your brain towards positivity and transform from an overachiever to a Joychiever.

Change your life and make joy a regular mandate rather than a reward after finishing everything on your to-do list. The Joychiever Journey is your practical guide to dealing with stress, discovering what makes you happy, and striving for both joy and success—and enjoying the journey along the way.


The Joychiever Journey is full of science-backed tips and tools to help busy professionals be happier. You no longer have to wait until you’re “successful” before you can enjoy your life.  Tracy shows you how to do both simultaneously! 

Marshall Goldsmith
New York Times #1 bestselling author of Triggers, Mojo, and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Joy is an important topic for all of us. I’ve written two books about joy in the context of work. But what about joy in our lives outside of work? How do we get there and hold it? In The Joychiever Journey, Tracy LaLonde has shown us the path, especially for the hard-working overachievers who erroneously chase the dream of “once you are successful, you will be happy.” The great news is that you don’t have to wait. Tracy gives us all a clear picture of how joy in life isn’t only possible but essential. Thank you Tracy. I want to be a Joycheiver, too!

Richard Sheridan
CEO of Menlo Innovations
Author, Joy, Inc. – How We Built a Workplace People Love; Chief Joy Officer – How Great Leaders Elevate Human Energy and Eliminate Fear

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