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Don’t Hesitate to Call

Friends Make Hills Less Steep

In the Joychiever Journey, I share a study that says when you are in a negative state of mind, you perceive hills as significantly higher and backpacks significantly heavier. This same study goes on to say, however, that with social support, i.e., a friend, the climb is less steep and easier to conquer.

The key is that you need to let your friends know when you may need support for the climb.  So often, you keep your struggles to yourself and “hunker down” to deal independently with what’s stressful, bothering or crippling you.

Your friends may not be able to see the signs that you are struggling, especially during COVID-strained times, but with a little heads up, true friends will be first in line to make the climb with you.  (And we can even bring snacks!)

Seeking support from those who love you is a strength not a weakness.

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