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There are so many descriptions of happiness.  They typically include words such as joy, contentment, hope, pleasure, meaning, potential and purpose.  My favorite is the word flourish.  I smile inside every time I even think of it.  I want to flourish.  To me, it combines both notions of achieving and enjoyment.

I appreciate Kevin Horsley as he says in his book, The Happy Mind, that “happiness is the byproduct of a million small things—whether actions, thoughts or choices—habitually repeated, in an integrated way of living, adding up to a lifetime experience of inner wellbeing.”

Joy doesn’t just happen.  It’s not a “snap your fingers” kind of thing, and certainly there are bumps and sad moments along the road.  But, if you can simply focus on the actions, thoughts or choices that are right in front of you, moment to moment, you can have more joy and happiness in your life.  There will be stress; there will be deep sadness; there will be many challenges.  Yet, if you keep seeking joy, the tough moments can be the minority and happiness can be your majority during your life.

What action, thought or choice is in front of your right now?  Can you choose for joy?

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