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Stop, Start, Continue

Happy New Year! I always love a good fresh start. Even if last year didn’t go exactly to plan, this is an opportunity to regroup, refocus and leverage fresh energy.
I love using the Stop, Start, Continue model when taking on a new effort or behavior change. You can use this model for yourself or with your team. Take out a piece of paper, create three columns and begin your planning.
I want you to envision yourself or your team one year from now. Imagine that you have failed in accomplishing the goals. What might be some of the reasons that you didn’t get there? What are the behaviors, activities, mindsets, or bad habits that got in your way? Are there things that you need to put on the Stop list so they don’t impede progress? Write them down.
What new behaviors, activities, or mindsets do you want to start working on now or incorporate into a regular routine? You don’t have to start working on all of these items on Day 1, but create a list for the new habits that you want to develop for yourself or your team.
What did you start last year, or are already doing well, that will aid in your efforts? What are the behaviors, activities, and mindsets that you want to continue? Additionally, for any of those activities, can you take them up a notch? Can you do a little more to enhance your efforts?
Though simple, this is an incredibly effective model for helping you get on the path for change and keeping track of your progress. I’m excited to hear about your or your team’s growth in 2022.

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